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Jan’s artwork depicts the stunning tropical beauty of Hawaiian wildlife. “Birds constantly fascinate and inspire me with their colors, feather patterns, flight, and personalities”. With rich vibrant colors and clarity she paints her subjects in lush tropical settings, giving each a unique personality and each setting a sense of intimacy and mystery. “Each bird speak a message about the Hawaiian environment, and reveals the spirit behind the image to listening ears.” So many Hawaiian birds are now on the brink of extinction. They are found nowhere else on earth. Their beauty and integral role in the environment is a treasure worthy of our protection. Jan’s works can be found in fine Hotels, Art galleries, and private collections throughout Hawaii, the US Mainland, and Japan.

Images available as originals or limited edition prints in various sizes

To Purchase Artwork contact:   info@janshima.com

Goldie & Angel - Amakihi

My Kingdom - OoAa

Guarded Pathways - Palila

One False Move - Maui Parrotbill

Little Land - Iiwi

Apapane Ua Mele

Tropic Flame